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Startup Founders Share 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Startup Career

Have you ever considered working at a startup? The world of startups is a dynamic, ever-changing, and often unpredictable environment that can offer you a unique professional journey. In this article, we'll explore the experiences of various startup founders who share their compelling reasons why you should consider a career in the world of startups.

We reached out to 8 companies in the imec.istart portfolio, seeking their insights on this topic. Axel Gekiere (Adshot), An Beazar (Enprove), Christophe De Cort (TrackBox), Wouter Remmerie (AirShaper), Dominique Coster (Enfoil), Simon Temmerman (dScribe), Laurens Van Damme (IDLab), and Wout Hardy (addmore) shared some interesting ideas. 
We have distilled their visions and thoughts, presenting them in 10 insightful learnings.

1. Diverse Learning Experience

You can expect diverse learning experiences in a startup. Startup employees often wear many hats, allowing them to gain expertise in various areas. This environment encourages company-focused thinking, fostering a holistic approach to problem-solving and innovation.

2. You're Not Just a Number

In a startup, you're never just a number. Every coworker has a unique contribution to the team, emphasizing the collaborative and inclusive nature of startups. Unlike in larger corporations, you'll get hands-on experience with all aspects of leading and growing a company.

3. Immediate Responsibility

There is an immediate responsibility you'll receive in a startup. You become a crucial pillar in the company from day one and are entrusted with making things happen. This level of autonomy accelerates your professional growth and allows you to take the initiative.

4. Excitement

Startups have a dynamic nature. In a startup, you're at the beginning of something new and exciting. There is uncertainty and opportunity. The smaller scale of startups means that you can have a more significant impact on the company's direction and success. This dynamic environment challenges you, encourages creativity, and offers endless possibilities for growth.

5. No strict to-do lists

In startups, you won't find rigid job descriptions or strict to-do lists. The culture is all about "learning by doing," leading to constant personal growth and self-reinvention. Your journey in a startup is full of opportunities to expand your skill set.

6. Autonomy and Involvement

In large corporations, you may be one of thousands of employees, guided by strict structures. In contrast, startups immediately grant you autonomy and involvement. You'll be an essential part of the company and entrusted with making decisions and driving projects from day one.

7. Reinvent yourself

At a startup, you're not just an employee; you're a pioneer of innovation and a navigator of uncharted territories. Startups offer the thrill of defining your own course and exploring new horizons. The dynamic and agile nature of startups allows you to grow the organization while continually reinventing yourself.

8. Innovative Environment

Startups offer an innovative and dynamic working environment. It's a place where you can bring your ideas to life, where creativity thrives, and where the innovation potential is limitless.

9. Opportunity to Make a Real Impact

Working at a startup allows you to have a more substantial impact. With many startups still in the early stages, your contributions can be truly transformative. Your ideas and efforts matter, and you can shape the future of the company.

10. Vibrant Work Environment 

There is often an informal and dynamic corporate culture of startups. This culture fosters a vibrant and energetic workplace, promoting collaboration, creativity, and a strong sense of belonging to a community with a shared purpose.

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