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PODCAST with Sven De Cleyn "You want to raise funds ? Be honest.

Recently the EuroQuity podcast was please to welcome Sven De Cleyn, program director at imec.istart.

In this episode, Sven talks about his journey at Imec and the purpose of the imec.istart program: what are the criteria to enter? What are the benefits? What made it a success? 

He also talks about his passion for entrepreneurship. A passion born on the benches of the school, thanks to a passionate teacher! 

In this episode, you will learn:   

  • What the imec.istart acceleration program is and what to know before joining
  • About this year's celebration of 10 years imec.istart
  • Why the capital of the Imec Fund was recently increased
  • The impact of covid on investors and on belgian startups
  • Why Namibia is on Sven's bucketlist

Enjoy listening !