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Meet our imec.istart Spring 2020 cohort

Meet our Spring 2020 imec.istart cohort

From primary school to the nursing home and from the house hunt  to the move itself: new technological solutions can make any period or change in our lives easier. We are therefore very pleased that this new cohort of startups represent a wide spectrum of solutions in very diverse sectors. It ranges from guidance tools during different life stages (primary school, higher education and residential care centers) to solutions to visualize large data sources.

"By investing in the new generation of startups now, we want to signal that we will continue to support new entrepreneurship in these difficult times. ”

Noteble: a learning platform tailored to the school and the student

Noteble is an online education platform that guides students in a structured and personal way. Schools can fully personalize the platform according to their needs and wishes. Pupils and teachers are given the opportunity to work out a tailor-made program and Noteble shows the learning progress in a simple and clear manner.

Soulcenter: improving well-being in residential care centers

Now that residential care centers have been largely closed off from the outside world for two months, the social isolation weighs on the elderly, their family and the care staff. Not only care and health of the residents is important, but also their quality of life. Soulcenter uses a digital platform to provide employees with information about the life stories, preferences and desires of the various residents to improve their well-being and sense of home.

Hippocreates: automatic allergy diagnosis

Currently, thirty to forty percent of the world's population shows symptoms of allergic diseases. This percentage is rising spectacularly, with more than half of Europeans expected to experience allergy symptoms by 2025. In addition, 45 percent are initially misdiagnosed. Hippocreates develops devices that support doctors and medical staff in the diagnosis and treatment of allergy-related disorders.

Setle: digital advice when purchasing a home

Setle bridges the gap between real estate agents and potential buyers. A virtual assistant guides potential buyers through the entire purchase process of a new home and helps them with their financial planning (based on income, own contribution and family situation). This in turn gives real estate agents insight into the repayment capacity and creditworthiness of their customers.

Smooved: move all administration in one click

There are a lot of papers involved in moving house: passing on water levels, applying for fire insurance, moving an energy contract, forwarding mail, arranging a moving van, and so on. Smooved offers a free online platform that allows movers to arrange all that administration at once. The platform always shows the mover the most advantageous offer tailored to the new house.

Karamel: matching talent and companies based on valuable data

Karamel is an online recruitment platform that offers quality personality tests and talent tests and allows its users to sell the results to interested companies. In this way, job seekers can not only find a job based on the data they consider relevant, they can also make money from it. On the basis of this valuable data, companies are immediately shown the most compatible candidates.

Westray: detection system to increase safety at sea

Westray assists a ship's mate in mooring and sends alerts when smaller ships come too close, avoiding collisions or piracy. An AI system processes data from existing on-board tools such as radar, A.I.S. and GPS. On top of that, another layer of optical sensors is applied, which can be used day and night. management of AI systems

AI systems have higher maintenance costs than traditional software systems and require active follow-up. Raymon offers an integrated observation platform for managing AI systems and, for example, sends companies a notification when something goes wrong. In this way, the use of artificial intelligence for production companies becomes reliable and manageable. Increase production yield with artificial intelligence and physics simulations

Manufacturing processes in precision manufacturing (such as the semiconductor industry) can be slowed down by a variety of difficult-to-predict conditions. To solve that problem, simulates the different iterations in the production process. This helps companies to minimize trial and error and maximize production yield.

Crowdscan: measuring crowds in a privacy-friendly way

Crowd movement information is invaluable to large-scale event organizers, both commercially and in terms of safety. Crowdscan, a venturing project by imec and the UAntwerp, developed an accurate and real-time system to measure the density of a crowd and predict its flow. The technology, which has already been tested at major festivals such as Tomorrowland, uses a sensor network, so that no camera images, mobile phone data or other privacy-sensitive information is required.

Marple: visualizing large files at lightning speed 

Marple is a tool that enables time series analysis in a fast and intuitive way without having to program yourself. This is useful for sectors in which large data files have to be visualized quickly, such as the car industry, aviation or scientific research.

Are you a start-up looking to join our imec.istart community ? Then keep an eye out for our next open call, registration is possible as from 1 September 2020 through our website.