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Summer 2024 cohort

Meet the imec.istart Summer 2024 cohort

Fresh faces are here! We're thrilled to introduce our new Summer 2024 cohort. These six trailblazing startups, basking with talent and determination, are ready to storm the tech landscape with their innovative solutions. By joining imec.istart, they gain access to funding, coaching, cutting-edge technology, and a network that feels like family. 
Let’s dive into these exciting startups and the groundbreaking work they’re doing. 


Green Innovators Leading the Charge

Besides AI, which is definitely here to stay, this application cycle is all about sustainability, reflecting a global shift towards greener practices. Among our standout startups is Jump Energy, pioneering zero-emission mobility with top-notch battery management solutions for commercial fleets. There's also Rebin, a govtech innovator collaborating with local authorities to keep our world cleaner and greener. 


A Kaleidoscope of Talent

Our new cohort showcases a rich diversity in team maturity and age. From student rookies to seasoned entrepreneurs, we embrace all levels of experience. At imec.istart, a one-size-fits-all philosophy simply doesn’t apply.


Bonds of Friendship and Family

Most of the selected startups are born from the bonds of family and friendship. For instance, the Rebin team are long-time friends who study, travel, and even live together. Our cohort also includes a married couple and high school friends united by their love for black metal concerts.

This shift from personal to professional origins might be risky, but these founders have deep, enduring relationships, making them resilient to business challenges. Within the imec.istart program, we try to strengthen these bonds through dedicated team dynamics coaching, fostering healthy, human-centered business relationships. 


Meet the startups! 

DEXR is committed to making extended reality (XR) learning universally accessible, engaging, and effective through its Dexr Stage platform. 
DITAR facilitates engaging eyewear shopping experiences through augmented reality technologies. 
JUMP ENERGY specializes in software and charging systems for electric two-wheelers. 
PRISMOS generates personalized, data-driven insights into policy making. 
REBIN revolutionizes asset management worldwide with real-time fill-level monitoring for diverse assets, optimizing collection operations through innovative software solutions. 
REQCON provides every construction company with an always-available expert on construction project requirements 

Are you interested in joining these startups in our imec.istart accelerator program? 
Interested in joining our thriving startup community? Don't miss your chance to secure pre-seed funding starting with a €100K ticket and plenty of follow-up opportunities, and become part of a vibrant ecosystem of like-minded tech entrepreneurs. We hold three open calls annually in January, May, and September. 

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