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Meet the imec.istart Summer 2023 cohort

Meet the imec.istart Summer 2023 cohort

Get ready to meet some fresh tech startup faces! Our imec.istart summer 2023 cohort has arrived, and we are thrilled to introduce you to the 7 promising startups that have been chosen. This cohort comprises solely skilled, driven, and highly ambitious founders who are dedicated to making a positive difference in the world. Equipped with funding, guidance, access to technology, and a warm & supportive imec.istart community that feels like family, they are poised for global success!   


Trending focus on wellbeing 

As has been the case for some time now, health tech continues to take the lead, with 4 out of 7 startups focusing on healthcare. According to Sven De Cleyn, Program Director of imec.istart, this cohort primarily focuses on wellbeing in healthcare and the industrial environment:  

“Innovative ideas continue to appear in all industries. In this cohort, we mainly see new innovations that either increase the wellbeing of patients and individuals, both in a healthcare and industrial environment, or increase efficiency of existing workflows. Affecting all our lives, we continue to see most refreshing ideas to further disrupt and improve the global healthcare system.” 


Startup Summer 2023 cohort     

Let’s delve into the 7 startups that make up our Summer 2023 cohort and explore the exciting work they are engaged in. 
GRATIAGO: developed an e-coaching app that helps patients undergoing treatment become more adherent. 
HEALTHBLOCKS: empowers individuals with ownership of their health data, rewarding healthy behavior, and facilitating secure data monetization. 
SAY IT LABS: is developing proprietary artificial intelligence and speech recognition technology to make videogames to support the rehabilitation needs of people with speech and language disorders. 
SFINX INSIDE: serves as the access manager for all commercial visits in the absence of the homeowner. 
SURGIPRINT: offers surgeons and patients 3D intelligence enabling better and leaner surgery planning, with a focus on HPB. 
TRACKBOX: is a software company focused on developing advanced AI solutions for automatically analyzing football matches, with valuable physical and match statistics being generated. 
ZEAL ROBOTICS: enhances productivity, alleviates physical strain on workers, and promotes employee well-being through their focus on optimizing manual order picking processes. 

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