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Meet the imec.istart Spring 2024 cohort

Meet the imec.istart Spring 2024 cohort

Say hello to our new Spring 2024 imec.istart cohort, fresh off the press and filled to the brim with promise and potential! We've selected 9 ventures, each helmed by founders who are talented, ambitious and determined to leave their mark on the world. By stepping into the imec.istart accelerator program, they gain access to funding, mentorship, cutting-edge tech, and a supportive network that feels like family. 

Let’s dive deeper into the selected startups, and the exciting work they're doing. 

Business Services and ESG reporting takes flight  

The first thing to notice is a significant trend towards business services in recent application cycles, notably with an increase in the domain of ESG reporting in the latest cycle. This aligns well with the global shift towards sustainability, a trend that is both undeniable and encouraging. Among the many submissions in this category, the company Karomia stood out the most, earning a spot in our accelerator program. 


University-linked spinoffs 

Moreover, it's worth noting that our new cohort includes three spinoffs — Corgee, Matvision, and Brailsports, the latter being an imec spinoff. This notable representation of spinoffs reflects our close ties to universities & scientific research (with imec acting as our mothership, of course). This is a connection we highly value as it helps to position us at the forefront of progress and innovation. 


Startup Spring 2024 Cohort    


BRAILSPORTS integrates AI with sports science, offering personalized training insights for athletes and coaches via an AI Assistant Coach. 
CORGEE develops and commercializes new EEG-based hearing diagnostics for persons with communication impairments.  
DOCKFLOW automates tracking of maritime container journeys,  ensuring timely alerts and peace of mind.  
FORCEBIT innovates in sensor technology with a unique patented design and algorithms for precise load measurements in automotive and machine industry.  
KAROMIA provides a B2B SaaS platform for sustainability officers to conduct Double Materiality Assessments (DMA) for ESG reporting. 
MATVISION offers smart sorting systems to the recycling industry, turning waste into valuable resources for European markets. 
TRICKLE introduces a voice-first AI secretary to streamline to process of making connections and managing daily tasks efficiently, saving lots of time. 
WEAVELY enables software companies to automatically build mission-critical forms from Figma designs. 
WINTRO assists in-house recruiters in talent acquisition through employee networks.  

Are you interested in joining these startups in our imec.istart accelerator program? 
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