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Meet the imec.istart Autumn 2023 cohort

Meet the imec.istart Autumn 2023 cohort

A fresh cohort has just joined the imec.istart ranks, and we're thrilled to introduce these emerging Champions of Change to the world! We've handpicked 8 promising companies keen on revolutionizing society with their tech solutions. Armed with financial backing, mentorship, technological resources, and a close-knit imec.istart network that feels like family, they are primed for success! 


Sports Tech and Construction Tech Take the Lead  

The presence of startups in the domains of Sports Tech and Construction Tech stands out prominently. Moreover, we observe a kaleidoscope of business domains, spanning aerospace, restaurant packaging, media tech, and building construction, among others. Program Manager Elise Descamps explains: 
“We notice a rich diversity in domains that extends to experience and age within this new cohort. It includes student rookies as well as well-versed entrepreneurs with many years of experience. This is right up the ally of the imec.istart accelerator program, where a one-size-fits-all philosophy definitely does not apply.” 


Resubmissions and imec.istart’s Pre-Acceleration Program 

Our open call selections often consider one or two resubmissions—these are companies whose business projects were previously not accepted but have taken the opportunity to reapply in subsequent calls. 
Notably, since July 2023, imec.istart has incorporated a new pre-acceleration program, taking over all startup-related activities of the former Blue Health Innovation Center. This program extension allows us to nurture startups in an early developmental stage that might otherwise slip through the cracks, aligning with our mission to support all budding businesses, regardless of their stage.  


Startup Autumn 2023 cohort     

Let’s delve into the 8 startups that make up our Autumn 2023 cohort and explore the exciting businesses they are engaged in.  

BORRO: offers an easy cashless deposit system for reusable take-out and event packaging. 
CALQI: provides a SaaS platform that streamlines architects' and construction contractors' tendering process into one efficient end-to-end experience.   
CLIPIDO: is a smart B2B cloud storage for media files (image, video, visual PDFs) using AI. 
EDGX: envisions a world where thousands of intelligent satellites provide real-time data connectivity for man and machine on Earth. EDGX designs an AI-based data processing unit for satellites, enabling faster data processing and onboard AI algorithms. 
OLYMPX: provides precision biomechanical insights of athletes in real-time to optimize their performances and prevent injuries on the field. 
ONTRACX: offers a wearable tech solution to runners and healthcare professionals, aiming to prevent overuse injuries or assist in the return-to-run phase of rehabilitation.  
TOOLMASTER: developed a shared customizable project management software with specialized tools for engineering and inspection firms, bridging the communication gap between field visits and offices. 
WISE PEOPLE: helps organizations become faster, better, and smarter in their application process by (re)connecting organizations and applicants transparently through social proof. 

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