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imec.istart partners with La Trobe Melbourne University for Global Markets Accelerator program 

A major hurdle for startups looking to expand into a new international market is to gain local insights and find clients or partners in the targeted market. Together with La Trobe Melbourne University and Flanders Investment & Trade, imec.istart will be mentoring 6 Australian startups who are exploring the opportunity to cross the international waters straight to Belgium, Europe.  

The Global Markets Accelerator Program, funded by AusIndustry, has the goal to boost growth and success on the global stage for Australian startups. This two-part program consists of an online ‘feasibility study’ for 8 weeks with an opportunity to gain access to the second stage, a 6-month accelerator including an international experience with one of the four partners: imec.istart (Belgium), T-Hub (India), Innovation Factory (Indonesia) or Singtel Innov8 (Singapore). 

Six promising startups for whom we see potential in the Belgian or European market, were accepted for the first part of the program. In October and November 2020, imec.istart will provide these companies insights in the local market by performing a feasibility study and providing one-on-one mentoring.  If the outcome is favorable, the project will be extended through an imec.scaleups program in Spring 2021. 

Proud to present to you the selected companies: 

SilVR Adventures: tackle isolation and loneliness among seniors

Chances are you were affected by the world pandemic COVID-19. Working from home, unable to meet with friends, family or colleagues. The elderly at retirement homes were also struck by the lack of visits and social interaction.  Through an immersive and engaging virtual experience users of SilVR Adventures are able to meet loved ones or cohabitants, thereby eliminating the whereabout constraint. Additionally, it is possible to enjoy a virtual group visit to the pyramids or other impressive locations all around the world or simply participate in a yoga class. By offering such virtual reality experiences, SilVR Adventures aims to reduce loneliness and eliminate the isolation barrier. Furthermore, research shows that engagement in physical and mental activities decreases the risk of developing dementia. 


MUVi: Rapid disinfection and prevention platform

Disinfecting frequently touched and possibly contaminated surfaces is an activity many households and businesses undertake to keep virus outbreaks at bay. However, human error whilst cleaning is a big - if not one of the most important reasons - why bacteria can spread, and people get infected. The MUVi booth uses lethal ramifications of UV-C to eliminate 99,99% of microorganisms. Most common examples are hospital-related bacteria and viruses.


ReadyTeacher: Your one-stop shop for English language specialists

Finding a last-minute English teacher replacement has never been so easy! ReadyTeacher allows you to book a professional English teacher online or by text message. Both face-to-face and online sessions are possible. If you are looking for a job as English teacher, you can enrol as a freelancer and use the provided platform to teach all around the world.


RTEC: Disrupting the plastic recycling market  

Plastic waste is a major global problem and a focal point for recycling efforts. However, there are a few recycling solutions that can produce products at prices competitive with alternatives materials and virgin polymer. Rtec created a radical and disruptive technology that directly melts bulk waste continuously and efficiently. This eliminates many of the capital and operational costs of recycling resulting in highly competitive recycled goods for new and existing markets. 


Health Delivered: A personalized and clinically validated meal planning platform

In a world where nutritional restrictions are needed to battle the rising number of overweight children and elderly it isn't always easy to obtain a fully personalized meal plan. 
Health professionals are often unable to create an individualized meal plan for every customer because the process is very time consuming.  Back in 2017, Health Delivered started developing a cloud-based platform that only requires a health screening to create a fully personalized meal plan without the need to visit a dietitian.


Tekuma: revolutionising tactile control

Tactile control units are widely used to control the movement of technology like drones. Learning the skill to fly or operate these crafts could take days or weeks. Tekuma simplifies and universalizes the process needed to take control. Their technology allows users to control any device with one hand, freeing the other hand to focus on peripherals or to control a second one.


Are you interested to connect with one of these companies or one of the partners in the program, then join us for a Belgian - Australian breakfast networking session on Wednesday October 28 from 8:30-10am.

Are you an imec.istart company and interested in or exploring the Australian market? Our Australian partner La Trobe would be happy to have a chat with you to share some first insights during the breakfast networking session!

Should you not be able to join the Breakfast Networking but are interested to connect with one of the companies. Then you can indicate this in the registration form as well, we look forward welcoming you!