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CTO breakfast session: product metrics and tracking (invite only)

We are happy to announce the upcoming CTO breakfast session on March 22 from 8 - 10h in the Beacon (Holodeck +7), Antwerp!

The topic of this session will be PRODUCT METRICS & TRACKING.

This will include Everything related to measuring the usage, performance, quality, and reliability of your product, once it is being used by actual users. "What can you track, with what tools, to learn how the product is being (ab)used. But also, how can you report to the board/management about how the product is doing in the open".

As usual, we’ll bring you and experts from our network together to talk about the technological challenges, exchange learnings and hear from other experts in the field. We will do this in an informal setting, starting the day right with a nice breakfast, some likeminded people, and things to be shared and learned!

Looking forward to seeing you there!