Startup career matchmaking event

A free online matchmaking event for anyone that wants to work at leading startups/ scaleups


About this event

On May 2 imec.istart is organising a FREE startup career matchmaking day to help our startups and scaleups match with talent. 

For jobseekers: join to meet leading tech startups & scaleups in Belgium that are looking for talent to help them achieve their missions! We are especially WELCOMING interns, graduates, junior, medior and senior profiles from all cultures and backgrounds. Our startups are looking for software designers/developers, Hardware designers/developer, marketers, sales reps, business developers, customer service representatives, etc... in Belgium and remotely. It doesn't matter if you look for a full- or part-time job as an employee, or your next freelance or consultancy assignment.

For imec.istart companies (both active and alumni): Meet the talent you need to make your startup/scaleup skyrocket! 

Join this event to browse vacancies and connect with your future employer/candidate via short 1-1 video calls.

  • 5PM - 5:10PM Welcome + practical information about the event
  • 5:10PM - 5:25PM Pitches of the participating companies
  • 5:30PM - 8PM Connect via 14-min. 1-on-1 video calls on the Conversation Starter web app

How does it work?

Imagine this event is an online version of a job fair. To help you connect with the most relevant participants during this event, we’re using a tool called Conversation Starter. 

Before the event

Complete your profile on the Conversation Starter platform. Your profile includes your request(s) and your offer(s), which is where you can briefly explain what kind of people you would like to meet, and what you’re offering in terms of your expertise or startup (idea).

During and after the event

Conversation Starter provides built-in 14-minute video calls (with a 3-minute break between each call) through their intuitive platform, so there’s no need to download or install any additional software. The purpose of this event is to help you set up short interactions with the relevant individuals, which should be enough to know if a follow-up meeting makes sense.

You’ll have access to the overview and the contact details of all the people you’ve scheduled meetings with. You can also take notes and save them in your Conversation Starter profile.

Tips & tricks for a successful event

If you are a job seeker: 

  • You'll get access to the list of all participating companies and can invite them to meet with a single click. Be quick to get the best slots!
  • Add as much information about yourself to increase the chance of getting matched successfully. Only the participating startups will see your profile. You can also add your profile anonymously, then only through a match your name and contacts will be revealed.
  • You can see all the vacancies via the JOBS-tab so you can browse through their vacancies.
  • Conversation Starter will then automatically provide you with a mutually available timeslot, so you can get to know each other via short video calls during the event. No need to install anything!
  • You'll get reminders of your meetings via SMS.
  • You'll have access to the list of your meetings and the respective contact details of the other participants in your Conversation Starter profile, also after the event. Just log on to your profile on Conversation Starter, select the event, and then the agenda. 

If you are an imec.istart startup:

  • Fill in your networking profile and add vacancies in the digital booth JOBS tab. Check this guide
  • Please note this event is only open for companies currently enrolled in the Belgian imec.istart program and alumni. Participants will be screened and removed if they are not applicable.

Are you an organisation that wants to contribute to this event or want to help spread the word? Feel free to get in contact with Emmeline Byl