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Meet the imec.istart Spring 2023 cohort

Ready to meet the new kids on the tech block? Our Spring 2023 imec.istart cohort is officially here, and we couldn't be more excited to introduce you to the 10 promising selected startups. Each one of them talented, highly driven & impact-oriented founders, who each in their own way try to make the world a better place. With access to funding, coaching, technology, and a heartwarming ecosystem that feels like family, we're setting them up for global domination.  
In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the new startups that have been selected, and the exciting work they're doing. 

𝗔𝗜 keeps gaining ground 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a driving force within the imec.istart portfolio, with more than 50% of all companies using it in their tech offerings. Notably, this Spring 2023 cohort features a considerable number of ChatGPT-like implementations. Time will tell whether these visionary startups will live up to the hype!


Strength in diversity  

Our latest intake includes a broad and beautiful range of industry domains, including energy, cleantech, health, fashion, travel, and education. As a true advocate for diversity, we highly encourage different approaches and expertise to stimulate inspiration and cross-pollination. 
Furthermore, the startups in this cohort hail from different origins and nationalities, with international founding teams bringing forth high expectations. We make no secret of our mission to strengthen imec.istart's position as a top-tier international tech accelerator. 


Startup spring 2023 cohort     

Let's meet the 10 startups that make up the Spring 2023 cohort

CARBON2ZERO developed a unique energy management platform for industrial companies, containing features like renewable energy asset set-up optimization, energy flow monitoring and contract improvement. The result? Lower energy consumption, lower cost, higher sustainability. 

Daymaker is a travel platform that matches users to trips based on personal interests and let’s travelers easily share their own trips. Bye bye long hours of scrolling to find the perfect itinerary, hello handy travel advice you're actually looking for! 

Koios Care empowers neurocare with AI-enabled insights from everyday devices.

Maiky changes how GRC programs are being run by leveraging automation and AI for more efficiency and effectiveness

Orbits is an automated, microscope-image analysis platform for 'patient-in-the-lab' tumors, to help accelerate cancer research, drug development, and personalize medicine.

PingPrice is an app that allows the consumer to easily compare prices between supermarkets, compare a full basket of products, monitor price changes, see local promotions and be notified when a favorite product is in promo. 

SCIMM enables fashion brands to streamline their production process by digitalizing and optimizing garment fitting, putting the consumer at the heart of production. This translates to better fit, increased sell-through, and less waste.

Solutio minimizes the financial gap between the tutee's cost and the tutor's compensation by leveraging a proprietary management tool specifically designed for tutors and plug-and-play units of small-scale social entrepreneurship. Solutio believe in qualitative tutoring available for all without the need for an excessive price tag.

Specifix supports surgeons in streamlining patient-specific fracture fixation, ensuring optimal patient outcomes and reducing perioperative costs.

Wobby is an AI assistant that allows anyone to interact with data using natural language. If Excel had a baby with ChatGPT, you would get Wobby,  

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