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About the imec.istart Mentorship

imec.istart Mentorship

Driven to take our renowned support to the next level, imec.istart set up the ‘imec.istart mentorship’ service, offering our tech start-ups a (more) structural form of mentoring by leading experts in relevant branches.


What is the imec.istart mentorship about?

The ‘imec.istart mentorship’ will unite a group of leading industry & business professionals eager to share their experienced insights & advice with one or more mentees.

The service is voluntary (i.e. non-paid, in either direction) and requires the mentor’s commitment for at least 10 hours of 1-1 sessions per year available for the start-ups, spread over the year.

The start-ups are encouraged to approach mentors pro-actively, yet match-making is moderated by imec.istart to prevent an overload of mentorship requests.


Your benefits?

Be part of one of the world-leading accelerators program for tech start-ups. imec.istart is no. 1 accelerator in Europe and no. 4 globally according to UBI Global.
Increase your footprint in the tech entrepreneurship ecosystem
Stay on top of emerging trends and technologies
Get inspired by exciting views of start-up entrepreneurs
Expand your professional network
Enhance your leadership skills
Get exclusive event invitations as an active member of the imec.istart community
Become a potential investor or future team member


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Need more info?

Do not hesitate to contact Emmeline Byl, imec.istart Access-to-Talent Program Coordinator.