Cheers to a new year in which your resilience pays off

imec.istart’s resolutions for 2021

What a year it has been... At the beginning of the year 2020, no one suspected it to become such an odd year – to say the least. The impact for each and everyone of you has been very different. Some have seen unprecedented growth (even surpassing your most optimistic 2021 scenarios), whilst others have seen their revenue decline to (almost) zero. I do not want to spend too much time on what has been, since as real entrepreneurs I am sure you are looking ahead, rather than over your shoulder. But you all share very important traits, which I admire: agility and never-ending resilience. You all adapted to the new situation(s) quickly and try to make the best out of it. 

For this new year, I hope we can keep the best of both worlds. The current period of (semi) lockdowns has not only challenged us, but also brought good things. We had to rethink the way we do international business, attend events, or get in touch with prospects, recruit potential new team members and renew existing contacts. We will not return 100% to ‘business as it used to be’ anymore, but we will keep what has worked throughout this COVID period. Initial meetings to explore if your solution could be relevant to a prospect will most likely continue to happen online. We (hopefully) will not spend as much time in cars or airplanes anymore. We will value and appreciate the ‘real’ human interaction more than ever before. I think we are all looking forward to more meetings again, but in the real sense of the wording. Encountering people face-to-face again, seeing and sensing each other’s emotions much better than through a Zoom or MS Teams ‘meeting’ (probably interaction is a better wording than meeting for these online encounters...). 

With imec.istart, we are also adapting to the ‘new normal’ (+1 in the buzzword bingo). For many of our workshops, we will not require you to jump in your car anymore, but rather continue to do them (mostly) online, and complement them sometimes with additional materials and case studies on our online platforms to help you understand even better not only the what and why, but also the how (to do it yourself). Not that we want to evolve to a fully online program, absolutely not. We want to help you run your business efficiently, and when (not if) we meet, we even more want to appreciate the time we spend together and make 100% good use of your time. We are also working hard on some opportunities to bring you faster and more effectively in support with a diversity of global and local corporates, as potential customers or partners, and to be able to support you even longer alongside your journey, also financially.

We are very proud to stand by your side along your way, and not only in good times, but anytime, and whenever you would like to count on us! From the entire imec.istart team, we warm-heartedly would like to wish you a very optimistic year, full of (new) opportunities, and a year in which your resilience pays off. A year also in which we can meet each other again at multiple occasions and share stories by a coffee or a beer (or whatever drink of your preference). And above all, a year full of joy, since a happy entrepreneur is more likely to be able to lead his or her venture to success. And your success, is our success.

Happy 2021!

Sven De Cleyn

Program Director imec.istart